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Please note the changes from this month going forwards.

Sunday Mass will continue in St John Fisher, Wellington until 21 August, 2022.

From 28 August, 2022, Mass in Wellington St John Fisher will be held on Saturdays at 6.30 pm.



Please read the 2022 guidance for Covid measures below

The requirement to attend weekly Mass is still suspended, so please see the links below.
On a number of sites on the internet, there are live masses for people to watch in their homes, broadcast from around the world. St George’s Taunton is broadcasting services each day (except Friday). The Masses are also recorded so you can watch them live or at a time that is best for you.

If you have a computer or smart phone, I hope you will be able to benefit from the links below, or any of your own choice.












There is no longer a resident Priest at the Parish. We are served from Taunton St George's

Phone calls to the Parish number below are monitored twice a week. 

Tel: 01823 662283

In case of urgency please call St George's on Telephone 01823 272700




Welcome to the Somerset
Catholic Parish of St John Fisher, Wellington,
with St Richard of Chichester, Wiveliscombe

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Parish Priest (Resident at St George’s Taunton)
Fr Tom Dubois

Tel 01823 272700.


Parish Administrator

Veronica Gaywood
Office hours Tuesday & Friday 10.00 - 12.00
Tel 012823 662283

Parish Postal Address
57 Mantle Street, Wellington, Somerset TA21 8AX

St John Fisher is open for private prayer when the parish office is open so currently Tuesday & Friday 10.00 -12.00

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Guidance for Churches – January 2022

Following the announcement by HM Government on 19th January that the measures put in place to mitigate against covid virus transmission as “Plan B” will be lifted in full on 27th January, the following guidance is offered to the dioceses of England and Wales. The material in this briefing has been agreed with Public Health officials and follows the regulations for England and concur with the regulations in place for Wales which take effect on 28th January 2022.

Acts of Worship
The main mitigation against serious health issues arising from covid infection is to be fully vaccinated; this means two doses plus a booster for anyone aged 16 or over. The vaccine programme in England and Wales has had a major impact in reducing death and serious illness from infection with Covid-19. The Church in England and Wales supports the vaccination programme and encourages people to be vaccinated.

The scientific consensus is that society is moving towards the stage where the virus is transitioning from the pandemic phase to the endemic phase, but as stated by HM Government, there is still a risk associated with gathering for sustained periods in enclosed spaces and therefore there needs to be continued caution by all against infection.

This, however, has to be balanced against the need to move forward safely towards a normal lifestyle and these two positions will always be held in tension. This holding in tension is the key to living safely with Covid-19, namely keeping infections from a virus that cannot be eliminated to levels which minimise disruption to people’s lives.

This guidance has been written with this principle in mind.

Alongside the positive effects of covid vaccination, it should be stressed that any people displaying symptoms of Covid-19 should stay at home and not participate in acts of worship in church. This is good practice for any transmissible illness. Medical advice should be sought as appropriate for those who are ill.

The main form of virus transmission is via personal oral or nasal aerosol. Those attending an act of worship may continue to wear a face covering (both nose and mouth) whilst in the church building. There is no need for formal social distancing in church buildings, although those present should be sensitive to the needs of others around them. Churches should continue to ensure there is good ventilation, balancing this against the need for church heating, especially at this time.

It is clear from scientific evidence that transmission from surfaces (touch transmission) is now minimal and so the use of hymn books, missals and other worship aids can be resumed with immediate effect. Whilst it is still good practice to sanitise hands on entry and exit of churches, there is no need for readers (or other ministers) to sanitise their hands before reading or performing other ministries in the church. All ministers of Holy Communion (clergy and lay people) should still sanitise their hands for the distribution of Holy Communion. Holy water stoups may be refilled but care should be seen that the water is changed regularly (at a minimum of once a week). Usual forms of church cleaning are sufficient.

Regarding the liturgical action, there should be a return to the normal mode of celebrating Mass respecting the integrity of the Rite. This would include the reintroduction of the Prayer of the Faithful (where this has not been reinstated already), the Sign of Peace may be offered again if felt appropriate, and Holy Communion should be distributed at the usual place and in the usual mode (i.e. with the faithful approaching the minister in an orderly procession). For the time being, Holy Communion must continue to be given under one kind only (the Sacred Host) and for concelebrations of clergy, intinction of the Precious Blood with the Sacred Host should continue to be used.

Where there is physical touch as part of another Rite of the Church (for example, anointing of the sick, ashing of foreheads etc) the use of cotton buds is no longer mandated, but the hands should be
cleaned well before and after the Rite. Congregational singing may continue and there is a general encouragement to wear face coverings while singing. However, it is recognised that not everyone will feel able to do this.

Social Activities
Parish social activities can resume (if they have been suspended) from the revert date to Plan A. It is recommended that the normal Health and Safety risk assessment for the activity and the space used for the activity is reviewed for these types of gatherings.

Home Visits
Home visits can continue (or begin again if they had been suspended) by priests, deacons and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion and other volunteers. The minister to the sick or housebound person should take care to ensure that the number of visits to different homes in a single session of visiting is managed. It is recommended (outside hospital and hospice chaplaincies and
social care institutions who have infection control in place) that the number of people visited is assessed beforehand to prevent the possibilities of transmitting the virus between people. Assessing
the time spent with people and ensuring that there is good ventilation and cleanliness during the visit are also good practice.

Whilst this reduction of restrictions brings about a more normal way of living, the Covid-19 virus is still in circulation, and this should be in the mind of those participating in the life of the Church as time goes forward holding in balance the need for personal safety and taking responsibility for that safety.

Rev. Canon Christopher Thomas
24th January 2022



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Please note that Fr Ikeokwu can be contacted via the Missionary Society of St Paul, 6, Knowle Close, Brixton, LONDON SW9 0TQ


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April 2021 Dear Parishioners,

We hope you are all keeping safe in these very difficult times

With limited capacity at St John Fisher and the ending of Sunday Mass at St Richard’s this has an effect on parish income.

However, many of our expenses remain unaltered.

If you usually give your donation to the church through the weekly plate, can we please ask you to consider normalising it with a regular monthly Standing Order/ gift-aided donation?

Gift Aid does not cost you anything if you pay any Income Tax and any income tax you have paid on the money you donate will be given to the Parish by the inland revenue. This makes every £1.00 you give into £1.25

A Standing Order/Gift Aid form can be downloaded by clicking HERE. 

Please email completed forms to John Macaulay -  ga.wellington.stjohnfisher@cliftondiocese.com

If you do not feel you are able to commit to a regular monthly payment at the current time, this is appreciated, as many of us will be facing our own financial problems.  However, any amount you can afford to give will be very much appreciated and can be given by clicking the following button.  Again this donation can be “Gift Aided”. Or if you prefer you can pay it directly into the parish account.

NatWest Bank. St John Fisher Wellington.  Sort code 52 10 03 Account Number 66849357

Alternatively, you can click the "Donate" link above  to use your Paypal account to make a donation.

This will help to keep our Parish from a potential difficult situation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

With Best Wishes,

Chris Shackleton

Treasurer St John Fisher Wellington/St Richard Wiveliscombe 


On behalf of the Finance and General Purposes Committee


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