Masses following Easter, and Fr Ikeokwu's departure.

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On a number of sites on the internet, there are live masses for people to watch in their homes, broadcast from around the world. The Vatican, and our Cathedral of Clifton will be broadcasting services each day. If you have a computer or smart phone, I hope you will be able to benefit from the links below, or any of your own choice.

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April 2020. Dear Parishioners,

We hope you are all keeping safe in these very difficult times

Now that the churches of St John Fisher and St Richard are closed, there is no money coming in on the weekly offertory plates which produce a substantial amount of the total income of the parish.

However, many of our expenses remain unaltered.

As a result there is now a £1,300 per month shortfall between current income and costs.

This is untenable if it continues and therefore we need to do something now.

If you usually give your donation to the church through the weekly plate, can we please ask you to consider normalising it with a regular monthly Standing Order/ gift-aided donation?

Gift Aid does not cost you anything if you pay any Income Tax and any income tax you have paid on the money you donate will be given to the Parish by the inland revenue. This makes every £1.00 you give into £1.25

A Standing Order/Gift Aid form can be downloaded by clicking HERE. 

Please email completed forms to John Macaulay -

If you do not feel you are able to commit to a regular monthly payment at the current time, this is appreciated as many of us will be facing our own financial problems.  However, any amount you can afford to give will be very much appreciated and can be given by clicking the following button.  Again this donation can be “Gift Aided”

This will help to keep the Parish from a potential difficult situation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

With Best Wishes

Chris Shackleton

Treasurer St John Fisher Wellington/St Richard Wiveliscombe

On behalf of the Finance and General Purposes Committee






Resident Priest
Fr Ikeokwu Nduh


57 Mantle Street, Wellington, Somerset TA21 8AX

Tel: 01823 662283



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Following the departure of Fr. Ikeokwu, in response to the summons of his order, we find ourselves again in a position similar to the one we were in when Fr Vincent left; one of uncertainty and change. The Bishop has an unenviable task to do,  trying to distribute too few priests across parishes that are crying out for them.

In this regard, he has sent a letter to the Parish as follows;

So Mass times are difficult to predict at the moment, and as soon as I know days and dates, I will put them up on this web site.

Mgr. Bernard has the pastoral care of the Parish for the forseeable future, and Fr Bernard will be kindly saying the majority of the Masses initially. How things will develop in the longer term remains to be seen.

For the moment, sadly, St Richard's has now had its last Sunday Mass, and while Sunday Masses are set to continue from St John Fisher Church, both parts of the Parish will share a weekday Mass henceforth, with this being held in St Richard's until  Pentecost.  After that, and for the foreseeable future, all Masses will be held at St John Fisher Wellington, with St Richard's being open as a prayer centre.  Given that priests are few in number to supply this need predictably, the day when the Mass is celebrated will vary depending on funerals and other commitments in Taunton and the Deanery. 

I asked Msgr. Bernard what the arrangements would be, and he said that they will try to print the week's schedule in the weekly bulletin, so please keep an eye on these. When I find a link to them, I will place it here.


To be fair, we thought we would have been facing this when Fr Bob left, and we have managed to stave off the day for a number of years. But is is still difficult to be facing it now.

As throughout most of last year, spaces are limited; I imagine that places at Mass will be allocated on a first come, first served basis for now. If this changes, I will let you know here.

At the instructions of the Government, masks must be worn, and community singing is still not allowed. Please refrain from conversation inside the Church: Outdoors is safer.

God bless.


Please note that Fr Ikeokwu can be contacted via the Missionary Society of St Paul, 6, Knowle Close, Brixton, LONDON SW9 0TQ

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