Mass times may change.                    Note that at the bottom of this page you can read
                                                            the new rite of the Mass, and find a list of feast days.

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Most weeks the mass times are as below

For any specific week, it is important to check the weekly newsletter for any changes (click on "Newsletter" on the white bar below the photo of St George's Church)

Mass times at Wellington only
Until 21 August 2022


11.15 am

Stations of the Cross






From 27 Aug 2022 Saturday 18:30

Confessions: Confessions are held on Saturdays at St George’s Church from 10.00am-10.30am  and at 5.00pm -5.20pm or contact one of the priests on 01823 272700 or by email to arrange a special appointment.

All the Masses on the table above are celebrated at St John Fisher Wellington.




            Tea/Coffee are served after each Sunday Mass, but not in the pandemic

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Currently supplied at TAUNTON St George's until clarified.



 suspended currently

Weekday Masses

Refer to the weekly newsletter  (click on "Newsletter" on the white bar below the photo of St George's Church)

Choir Practice Usually Wellington, Wednesdays at 7.30pm, but suspended currently.

  Holy Days of Obligation

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7.00 pm   Wellington
10.00 pm   Wiveliscombe

The main feasts and the Holy Days up to 2022 are shown below




















Holy days of obligation

Every Sunday 
Birth of the Lord (25 December) 
St Peter & St Paul (29 June) 
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (15 August) 
All Saints (1 November)

The following celebrations have been transferred to the Sunday:

Epiphany of the Lord 
Ascension of the Lord 
Body and Blood of the Lord

Please note below the list of moveable feasts until 2018 

Table of moveable feasts and Holydays of Obligation





And please click on the link below to load the Order of the Mass according to the New Rite

It takes a little while to load, so please be patient (44 pages)

New order of the Mass 


There is a table of moveable feasts going through to 2050 at this web address

Please note, by decision of our Bishops Conference of England and Wales,
the Holydays of Epiphany, Ascension & Corpus Christi
are nowadays celebrated on Sundays, at the Sunday times above.
Certain others transfer to the adjacent Sunday when their date is the Saturday or Monday.
But Christmas is always Dec. 25th!)