Ministries -  this section is very out-of-date: your indulgence is requested. 


‘There are varieties of gifts but the same Spirit.  There are varieties of service but the same Lord.  There are varieties of activity, but in all of them and in everyone the same God is active.  In each of us the Spirit is seen to be at work for some useful purpose.’

1 Cor. 12.4-7   ( R.E.B.)

In our parish we have a very active community carrying out the various Ministries that are necessary for a healthy spiritual life. Also, because we are a small community, there is always room for newcomers to get involved (unlike some larger parishes dare we say?).    Each of the ministries has at least one coordinator.  
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Category Ministry Comments
DEVOTIONAL Bible Reading distribution of bible reading notes
  Bible Study Group meets twice a month, weekly in Lent
  Retreats time and space to pray
  Rosary Prayer Group meets 9.45 each Wednesday
Category Ministry Comments
ECUMENISM Ecumenism links with Churches Together in Wellington
2Category Ministry Comments
EDUCATION Children’s Liturgy 11am Sunday mass in Wellington
  Confirmation preparing for Catholic life
  First Holy Communion preparing for first communion
  R.C.I.A. for adult inquirers about the Catholic faith
  Repository sale of cards, books, rosaries etc
  Young Communicants children from age 8 to confirmation
Category Ministry Comments
FINANCE Counting/Banking helping deal with the collections
  Gift Aid & Planned Giving used to be called covenants
  Finance Committee finance and fabric of parish
  100 Club fund raising
3Category Ministry Comments
LITURGY Bidding Prayers writing the weekly bidding prayers
  Eucharistic Ministers administering the Blessed Sacrament
  Music playing music and choir
  Offertory organising the offertory procession
  Readers readings and bidding prayers
  Sacristans preparing for Mass
  Servers grown ups, boys and girls welcome
  Welcome at Mass greeting visitors and regulars at the entrance
Category Ministry Comments
MISSION Fairtrade/CAFOD social justice
  Parish Projects fund raising for two parish causes
4Category Ministry Comments
PASTORAL Hospital Services short services for hospitals
  Area Mass catholics from same part of parish
  Pastoral Care visiting sick and housebound
  Parish Forum bringing all ministries together
  E.P.I.C. ecumenical prayer link
Category Ministry Comments
PASTORAL/ADMIN Weekly Newsletter prepare on a weekly basis
  Occasional newsletter twice per year, plus two cards per year
  Parish Brochure for tourist information/newcomers
   Parish Diary list of relevant dates for the year
Category Ministry Comments
SERVICE Cleaning respect for God/welcome for visitors
  Flower Arranging symbol of life and joy
  Grounds/Garden environment around the church
  Social Events parish joining as one family
  Sunday Coffee creating a sense of community