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Please pray for sick in our hospitals & nursing homes around the parish.

ANNIVERSARY OF DEATH: Edward Lupton, Joyce Heidrich, Hugh De Fonblanque, Margaret Fea, Margaret Cullen.


Searchight: Discuss and explore at Methodist Church: What’s the point of being a Christian? 6.30pm. See poster in porch.


With unalloyed thanks I deeply express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to our parishioners and the Filippino community for their unflinching support, generosity and especially prayers for my Birthday. Please do remember that it continues until 11th April. God bless you all abundantly. Ha! Ha! Ha!

This week

First aid for Churchgoers: an inter-church project which could have a vital impact for any of us! Thursdays 28th March and 4th April 7 – 9.30pm at St Andrew’s. Wiveliscombe. See poster in porch for full details.

First Holy Communion preparation class: Saturday 30th March, 11am – 12 noon.

The Bishop is presently touring Taunton Deanery and he will be with us here in St John Fisher, Wellington, celebrating Mass at 11.15am on Sunday 31st March, 2019. Please, we would be grateful if everyone is in attendance to warmly welcome Bishop Declan to our parish.

Coming Events

Bible Teaching Meeting at Millway Evangelical Church, Saturday 6th April at 6.30pm. Buffet supper after meeting. See poster in porch.

The March 100 club will be drawn on Sunday 7th April.


Year of Prayer – 3rd Sunday of Lent

To be “tender of heart”, to be humble is one of the more attractive personality traits we see in people. Humility can best be described as a “generosity of spirit” – a willingness to see our own interests in others – to evaluate our attitudes and see the face of God in each and every one of our neighbours, friends and family members. We know that this is not always easy. When we feel insecure, anxious or envious, it is easier for us to see the negative and to engage in putting others down to make quick and unkind judgements. But Jesus warns against this way of being. Instead he invites us to embrace an abundance of spirit, a generosity towards other people, that shows the fruit of being a true follower. By living like this we will flourish, we will bear fruit. We will not wither and die but live! In the little parable of the fig tree there is good news. There is time to learn and to grow in humility. The gardener says to the owner – be patient – I will keep tending the tree, feeding it and nurturing it, until it bears fruit. If it doesn’t bear fruit in the next season then you can cut it down. It seems we have a little time to learn to be tender-hearted.

Gospel commentary for the 3rd Sunday of Lent

In the Old Testament the early encounters with God are based on the promise that the Lord who has revealed himself to his people will always be faithful to them. When God says to Moses “I Am who I Am”, he is declaring that he is the one who will always be beside this people, leading and guiding them. This is the same God who guided Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is this fidelity that sustains the people of Israel in their journey to the promised land. There is an ongoing dialogue between God and his people, usually mediated through the prophets, about what he should do as a response to their infidelity.

St Paul, in the first letter to the Corinthians, wants us to take the events of the history of Israel as a warning as to what may happen to us Christians if we are not faithful to God and do not keep to his ways. In Luke’s Gospel Jesus offers us a more nuanced interpretation. Disasters, whether caused by nature or people, are not signs of God’s punishment. But when things go wrong, they are signs to us to reflect on our lives and ask ourselves whether we are producing the fruit that is asked of us.

Jesus asks us to be sensitive to the needs of our world and of each other. He asks us to be imaginative in the ways we seek to help to secure the world as a better place to live, whether it be in the way we take care of our environment or how we support those who struggle in any way. It ties in with his frequent admonition to his disciples: “Stay awake, for you do not know either the day or the hour”. We are the presence of Christ in our world.




Holy Father’s February prayer intention

For a generous welcome of victims of human trafficking,

of enforced prostitution, and of violence.






Bible Study Group:   Meets 2.30-4 on certain Thursdays (See above)


A Bible –is available on the table in St. John Fisher church, for your use.  

For our immigrant parishioners: 
Mass books in both churches with 8 European languages.   Aby pomoc znozumiec Msze Swieta emigrantom w naszej parafii, udostepuiamy modlitewniki ( w twardej oprawie ), po polsku, angielsku oraz w inuycu jszykach wschodnio europejslcich.    Prosimy zostawic modlitewuike w kosciele, po zakouczeuiu mszy.

Clifton  Diocese Polish Directory:

Lists Polish chaplains, societies, Masses etc. throughout the diocese

Yellow Parish Introduction Cards in Polish:  Available at the doors..

Next Holydays of Obligation:

Epiphany, Ascension & Corpus Christi are now celebrated on Sundays, at Sunday times above.) 
Answers the question "What date is Easter Sunday" through to 2040)

Holy day Masses are usually celebrated at the following times:-
9.15am. Wellington , 7.30pm. Wiveliscombe

Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Usually Saturdays 10.30-11.00am; 4.15-4.45pm at Wellington,
& by arrangement anywhere, anytime.

CTS faith booklets-
Sold at the rack near the doors of both churches.

Parking for 11.15 Mass:
-is permitted at Wellington Youth Centre, opposite the Total garage.    Just drive in and park.

Parish structure:

Parish Pastoral Council    (Chair:  Julia Tucker)
-follows Canon Law and Diocesan guidelines, working collaboratively with the parish priest to make pastoral decisions, and co-ordinate parish ministries.
Meets on 4th Tuesday of most months.

Parish Outreach Committee (Chair:  Pending new appointment.)
-Meets bi-monthly to promote the mission of the parish.

Finance & General Purposes Committee
(Chair: Charles Moorland)
- also works under Church Canon Law with the Diocese Finance Office to maintain the parish’s legal, financial and property matters.

Parish Forum (Facilitator: Julia Tucker )
All are invited quarterly to discuss parish development.  Meets on announced Saturdays, 9.15am-12.00. incl. Mass, coffee & discussion.

Parish open Annual General Meeting:
The next one will be announced close to March 2016.

Who does what:  Our main parish functionaries are now listed on the church notice-board, or accessible clicking HERE.

Parish Projects:
Each year the AGM agrees which charities the parish funds from 10% of the offertory collections and from other events.
For 2010 we agreed to support:
Always CaFOD's work for the 3rd world;

Welcome home ministries, Tanzania from 2015
See Parish Room board at St. John Fisher for details.


Crisis pregnancy?  Nearest LIFE centre for impartial support:  48 Queen St. Exeter .  07837 005562   www.lifeuk.org/exeter

Also “Alternatives” in Taunton , 0800 0086 857   www.alternativstaunton.org.uk

“Message in a Bottle:” With an easy form, so 999 services find your needs.  FREE by church doors.  Details:  Poster,  Fr. Vincent .

Parish Visitors –support any in need:  lonely, sick, bereaved.. Tel. Fr Vincent

Hospitalisations:  With no priest based at Musgrove Park; ask Fr. Vincent  for anointing or confession before going in.

Sacrament of the Sick:   Available after the homily at Sunday Mass once each quarter.

Deadlines:  For the Parish Diary:
Do you have any dates that may interest other Parishioners?
Pass a note about them to Fr. Vincent .

For inserts into the parish weekly bulletin:
Now 12.00pm. on Wednesdays in at the presbytery.  

Posters to display:
Friday evenings in at St. John Fisher Presbytery.

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this diary, but you should check details in the "This Week" section, or get in touch.