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Please pray for sick in our hospitals & nursing homes around the parish, those shielding or alone or otherwise suffering during this pandemic.


Our Mass times will be changing on 27/28 August. The new Mass times are: 5.30pm on Saturdays at St John Fisher, 8am and 9.15am at St George’s on Sundays and 11am at St Teresa’s on Sundays. St John Fisher weekday mass will be on Thursdays at 9:30am from the 25th of August. A letter explaining the changes is available on our website and in all our churches.

“When a man has had a great deal given him, a great deal will be demanded of him.” It would be a mistake to think that only the rich have been given much. There are so many ways in which God our Father blesses us. Perhaps I have quite a lot of leisure, perhaps I am knowledgeable in some particular field, perhaps I am good at music, sport, or DIY; perhaps I am young and strong or old and wise – we all have talents at our disposal. Jesus cautions us that we must use what has been entrusted to us wisely and selflessly, for the good of all and to the glory of God. With every gift comes a responsibility - and the reward for responsible use of what we have received is God’s favour and an increase of his gifts to us. Let’s thank God for all we have and all we are and really try to make the very best of both.
Father David Savoury


The Food Bank is requesting on 15/02/2022 the following items: 



: the diocese follows the guidance issued by the Bishop’s Conference. As new information comes guidance will be updated. To keep well informed see https://www.cbcew.org.uk/home/our-work/health-social-care/coronavirus-guidelines/
Please, if any parishioner has traveled and returned from any of the countries that the NHS has identified as a high risk place for contracting or imparting Covid-19, for the sake of yourself, your family and parishioners, exercise self quarantine/isolation for 14 days. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

The following quotes come from the Bishop's Conference 2022 guidance for churches.

The main defense against the virus is at least double vaccination. 

As stated by HM Government, there is still a risk associated with gathering for sustained periods in enclosed spaces and therefore there needs to be continued caution by all against infection. 

This, however, has to be balanced against the need to move forward safely towards a normal lifestyle and these two positions will always be held in tension. This holding in tension is the key to living safely with Covid-19, namely keeping infections from a virus that cannot be eliminated to levels which minimise disruption to people’s lives.

The main form of virus transmission is via personal oral or nasal aerosol. Those attending an act of worship may continue to wear a face covering (both nose and mouth) whilst in the church building (NB face coverings remain mandatory in Wales until further advised). There is no need for formal social distancing in church buildings, although those present should be sensitive to the needs of others around them. Churches should continue to ensure there is good ventilation, balancing this against the need for church heating, especially at this time.


Coming Events


Cafod fund raiser

On Sunday 20/02/2022, we will have a shared lunch after Sunday Mass, Details above.

Please come along, and bring for for yourself and to share. A contribution for Cafod will be received with thanks.

It is also the Sunday after Family Fast day, and if you fasted on Friday, and saved money for Cafod's work - which I would like to mark to be used in their Ukraine appeal - then please give your donation into the second collection at Mass, or pass it on to me (Paddy) with my Cafod rep hat on.

This year the theme of the Cafod campaign is Food Justice.

There is sufficient food in the world for everybody in it, but distribution is not fair.



Today: Second collection for CAFOD Lent Fast Day

Refreshments after Mass. Please sign list in porch.

First Holy Communion preparation class: Friday 18th March, 3.45pm in the Parish Room.

Shared lunch for CAFOD. Following the success of our last lunch, another bring and share will be held on Sunday 20th March after Mass. Non-Catholic family and friends are also most welcome.

Lent Day of Recollection led by Fr Tom at St Rita’s Centre, Honiton. See poster in porch.

Outreach: one of the key priorities highlighted in synod responses was in further developing our outreach and mission to those most in need. Sr Mary Bellekom from our parish has kindly agreed to coordinating this. Meeting on Wednesday 6 April at 6pm in the Taunton Catholic Centre to draw up an action plan based on the synod responses. If you can’t come please do send any thoughts and ideas to the parish office.

Easter Triduum: joint celebration of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil with our sister parishes in Taunton. These will take place at St George’s Taunton. We will be organising lift sharing for those who would like to attend. Please sign up using the list in the porch.

Parish open meeting: As part of our recent Synod conversations, we agreed to have regular parish open meetings roughly three times a year. The next one will be on Thursday 5 May at 7pm. Please do come.

International survey of Catholic women is being conducted for the Synod. Please see link https://catholicwomenspeak.com/catholic-women-international-synod-survey/

Please pray for sick in our hospitals & nursing homes around the parish.

Anniversary of Death: John Looney, Kathleen Archbank, Barry Denman, William Mardon,


Wellington Coronavirus Volunteers

This is a group of volunteers, who freely give of their time to help those who cannot get out in these difficult days to collect their prescriptions or their shopping. There are strict rôles about 2m social distancing and evidencing behaviour - photographs of monies and receipts etcetera to be sent in to the group co-ordinator. Volunteers must be in good health, and not of an age that they should be isolating themselves.

They are meeting quite a heavy load,  as many people over 70, or those with medical histories that leave them vulnerable are not leaving their houses on government advice because of the risk to them of Covid19.

The group can be found on Facebook, if you use it, but much of their activity is done by phone. 

If you would like either to volunteer or to receive some help, please contact Megan on 07946 124 111. 

Volunteers need character references, and it helps but is not essential if they have DBS checks, as they can be given additional rôles. 

If any parishioners have need of help with shopping or prescription collection, then contact either the Church, or Megan on the number above.




Holy Father’s April prayer intention

Missionary Disciples
We pray that every baptised person may be engaged in evangelisation, available to the mission, by being witnesses of a life that has the flavor of the Gospel.

This month’s focus>>

  • All over the world, including in England and Wales, people are working to uphold the rights of others against oppression, prejudice and neglect. Our Mission Rosary is a beautiful way to pray for every continent, remembering all those who stand strong in the face of injustice.



A Bible –is available on the table in St. John Fisher church, for your use.  

For our immigrant parishioners: 
Mass books in both churches with 8 European languages.   Aby pomoc znozumiec Msze Swieta emigrantom w naszej parafii, udostepuiamy modlitewniki ( w twardej oprawie ), po polsku, angielsku oraz w inuycu jszykach wschodnio europejslcich.    Prosimy zostawic modlitewuike w kosciele, po zakouczeuiu mszy.

Clifton  Diocese Polish Directory:

Lists Polish chaplains, societies, Masses etc. throughout the diocese

Yellow Parish Introduction Cards in Polish:  Available at the doors..

Next Holydays of Obligation:

Epiphany, Ascension & Corpus Christi are now celebrated on Sundays, at Sunday times above.) 
Answers to the question "What date is Easter Sunday" through to 2040)

Holy day Masses are usually celebrated at the following times:-
9.15am. Wellington , 7.30pm. Wiveliscombe

Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Usually Saturdays 10.30-11.00am; 4.15-4.45pm at Wellington,
& by arrangement anywhere, anytime.

CTS faith booklets-
Sold at the rack near the doors of both churches.

Parking for 11.15 Mass:
-is permitted at Wellington Youth Centre, opposite the Total garage.    Just drive in and park.

Parish structure:

Parish Pastoral Council    (Chair:  Julia Tucker)
-follows Canon Law and Diocesan guidelines, working collaboratively with the parish priest to make pastoral decisions, and co-ordinate parish ministries.
Meets on 4th Tuesday of most months.

Parish Outreach Committee (Chair:  Pending new appointment.)
-Meets bi-monthly to promote the mission of the parish.

Finance & General Purposes Committee

- also works under Church Canon Law with the Diocese Finance Office to maintain the parish’s legal, financial and property matters.

Parish Forum Suspended currently
All are invited quarterly to discuss parish development.  Meets on announced Saturdays, 9.15am-12.00. incl. Mass, coffee & discussion.

Parish open Annual General Meeting:
Suspended currently

Who does what:  Our main parish functionaries are now listed on the church notice-board, or accessible clicking HERE.

Parish Projects:
Each year the AGM agrees which charities the parish funds from 10% of the offertory collections and from other events.
For 2021 we agreed to support:  CaFOD's work for the developing world;


Crisis pregnancy?  Nearest LIFE centre for impartial support:  48 Queen St. Exeter .  07837 005562   www.lifeuk.org/exeter

Also “Alternatives” in Taunton , 0800 0086 857   www.alternativstaunton.org.uk

Parish Visitors –support those who are in need:  lonely, sick, bereaved.. Tel. Fr Ikeokwu

Hospitalisations:  Fr Ikeokwu is the Catholic Chaplain for Musgrove. Please be aware that he will not be informed by the hospital of your visit because of GDPR regulations.  If you are going in for scheduled treatment, or if a relative is urgently admitted, please inform Fr Ikeokwu if a visit is required.

Sacrament of the Sick:   By arrangement with the Priest.

Deadlines:  For the Parish Diary:
Do you have any dates that may interest other Parishioners?
Pass a note about them to Fr. Ikeokwu

For inserts into the parish weekly bulletin:
Now 12.00pm. on Wednesdays in at the presbytery.  

Posters to display:
Friday evenings in at St. John Fisher Presbytery.

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this diary, but you should check details in the "This Week" section, or get in touch.