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Please pray for sick in our hospitals & nursing homes around the parish.

ANNIVERSARY OF DEATH: Gerard Kilty, Mary McHugh, Henrietta Mortimore, Hilary Smalley, Peggy Anderson


More Welcomers are needed at St John Fisher for Sunday Mass. Please see Fr Ikeokwu, John Nutt or Julia Tucker.

The Food bank will be celebrating the Harvest Festival in the coming weeks and hopes to distribute extra items into the community. Just one item per parishioner donated would make a big difference to the families that rely on food bank in times of crisis. Please can we ensure items are still in date, thank you,

Churches Together Christmas lunch: chef required confident to cater for about 30 people and holds a current certificate from a local authority. Please contact richardkappleby@gmail.com. If no response by the end of September this event may have to be shelved for this year.

Second collection for Home Mission Sunday. This is an opportunity to financially support Catholics throughout England and Wales to become more confident in sharing their faith.

This Week

Treasuring the Liturgy: exhibition of plates and textiles from across the diocese aimed at drawing attention to the beauty of the mysteries we celebrate: Saturday – Sunday 8 & 9, and 15 – 16 September. See poster in porch for all details.

P.P.C. meeting: Tuesday 18th September at 7pm in the parish room.

Coming Events

Mission appeal: a priest of the MSP will be coming to our parish on Sunday 23rd September for mission appeal on behalf of the Missionary Society of St Paul. Please be generous.

Pope Francis: his vision and our future. Third of a series of three lectures,

25th September at 7pm at St John’s Church, South Parade, Bath, giving time to look back, assess and think ahead. Led by Fr James Hanvey.

Parish retreat on 3rd November will be led by Fr Tom Dubois, parish priest of St Francis of Assisi, Nailsea. Mass at 10am at St Richard’s followed by retreat at Congregational Church, Wiveliscombe.

Year of mission – 24th Sunday in ordinary time.

It’s easier to tell someone what others think of them rather than tell someone what you actually think of them. Peter, speaking for the Twelve, nails colours to the mast: “You are the Christ!” Jesus then unfolds for the Twelve exactly what that means – he will suffer, he will die, and he will rise again. That’s not something Peter wants to hear. He’s happy to “believe” in the Christ who will save God’s people, who will champion God’s people, who will liberate God’s people …. but a Christ who will suffer? That’s not on his radar, nor does it fit his image of the Christ. They are harsh words spoken to Peter in calling him Satan but they wake him up to the fact that we cannot make God in our image! Suffering, difficulty rejection and abandonment are part of that image and they are part of the disciple’s life, too. And even when they are - in some great or small way – we mustn’t forget the “rising from the dead”. God does not abandon us when we suffer, when we face rejection or difficulty. He is there and he walks with us alongside of us just as the psalmist has confidence in the presence of God in the midst of everything. Wherever we are, whatever we face this week, know God is there at our side.



Gospel commentary for 24th Sunday in ordinary time.


In today’s Gospel reading, teaching is no longer just a matter of words: it is what is about to happen that will be the teaching. We can know the meaning of words but this is not the same as understanding them. Peter knew the word “Christ” but, until the passion of the Christ began, he was not even close to understanding what it really meant for Jesus to be the Christ, the anointed one. Peter would not fully understand anything that Jesus had said to him until he too carried his cross.


The cross is a reality today. It is a choice made by every human being: either to be one who carries the cross, or to be one who imposes the cross on others. The journey of Jesus was a journey to life. It was a journey through death, but not to death, because heaven was his home – and it is our home too. To carry the cross is, therefore, not a death wish but a life wish. It is possible to love without faith and hope but not in the way that Christ loves. It is only through faith and hope in the risen Christ that we an offer to each other the life of God. So when Jesus made his way to Jerusalem to endure the cross, imposed by others, we can truly say that he was then beginning to teach.




Bible Study Group:   Meets 2.30-4 on certain Thursdays (See above)


A Bible –is available on the table in St. John Fisher church, for your use.  

For our immigrant parishioners: 
Mass books in both churches with 8 European languages.   Aby pomoc znozumiec Msze Swieta emigrantom w naszej parafii, udostepuiamy modlitewniki ( w twardej oprawie ), po polsku, angielsku oraz w inuycu jszykach wschodnio europejslcich.    Prosimy zostawic modlitewuike w kosciele, po zakouczeuiu mszy.

Clifton  Diocese Polish Directory:

Lists Polish chaplains, societies, Masses etc. throughout the diocese

Yellow Parish Introduction Cards in Polish:  Available at the doors..

Next Holydays of Obligation:

Epiphany, Ascension & Corpus Christi are now celebrated on Sundays, at Sunday times above.) 

Holy day Masses are usually celebrated at the following times:-
9.15am. Wellington , 7.30pm. Wiveliscombe

Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Usually Saturdays 10.30-11.00am; 4.15-4.45pm at Wellington,
& by arrangement anywhere, anytime.

CTS faith booklets-
Sold at the rack near the doors of both churches.

Parking for 11.15 Mass:
-is permitted at Wellington Youth Centre, opposite the Total garage.    Just drive in and park.

Parish structure:

Parish Pastoral Council    (Chair:  Julia Tucker)
-follows Canon Law and Diocesan guidelines, working collaboratively with the parish priest to make pastoral decisions, and co-ordinate parish ministries.
Meets on 4th Tuesday of most months.

Parish Outreach Committee (Chair:  Pending new appointment.)
-Meets bi-monthly to promote the mission of the parish.

Finance & General Purposes Committee
(Chair: Charles Moorland)
- also works under Church Canon Law with the Diocese Finance Office to maintain the parish’s legal, financial and property matters.

Parish Forum (Facilitator: Julia Tucker )
All are invited quarterly to discuss parish development.  Meets on announced Saturdays, 9.15am-12.00. incl. Mass, coffee & discussion.

Parish open Annual General Meeting:
The next one will be announced close to March 2016.

Who does what:  Our main parish functionaries are now listed on the church notice-board, or accessible clicking HERE.

Parish Projects:
Each year the AGM agrees which charities the parish funds from 10% of the offertory collections and from other events.
For 2010 we agreed to support:
Always CaFOD's work for the 3rd world;

Welcome home ministries, Tanzania from 2015
See Parish Room board at St. John Fisher for details.


Crisis pregnancy?  Nearest LIFE centre for impartial support:  48 Queen St. Exeter .  07837 005562   www.lifeuk.org/exeter

Also “Alternatives” in Taunton , 0800 0086 857   www.alternativstaunton.org.uk

“Message in a Bottle:” With an easy form, so 999 services find your needs.  FREE by church doors.  Details:  Poster,  Fr. Vincent .

Parish Visitors –support any in need:  lonely, sick, bereaved.. Tel. Fr Vincent

Hospitalisations:  With no priest based at Musgrove Park; ask Fr. Vincent  for anointing or confession before going in.

Sacrament of the Sick:   Available after the homily at Sunday Mass once each quarter.

Deadlines:  For the Parish Diary:
Do you have any dates that may interest other Parishioners?
Pass a note about them to Fr. Vincent .

For inserts into the parish weekly bulletin:
Now 12.00pm. on Wednesdays in at the presbytery.  

Posters to display:
Friday evenings in at St. John Fisher Presbytery.

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this diary, but you should check details in the "This Week" section, or get in touch.