The first meeting of the Wellington & Wiveliscombe Parish Forum was held on 6th May 1998.  Since then it has met four times a year, wherever possible, to fulfill its agreed mission statement and responsibilities, namely:

Mission Statement

To be a united and coordinated Roman Catholic Community, spreading the word of God through practical mission wheresoever we are.


  1. Helping the Parish to discern its mission by listening carefully to the needs of all its parishioners and those of the local community, and to work out a common vision and priorities together.

  2. Encouraging the kind of open, trusting and caring relationships which are characteristic of genuine community.

  3. Fostering a climate of acceptance, affirmation and encouragement in which people will be empowered to recognise their, and others', gifts for the good of the community and the glory of God.

  4. Ensuring there are opportunities for people to grow in a faith that links with everyday life.

  5. Working together to provide a communication structure within the Parish through which everyone can be involved in consultation and appropriate decision making.


When available for publication, the Parish forum minutes will appear here.

All minutes prior to 2020 have now been Archived.